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Our mission at Evolve Online School is to provide your child with a unique learning experience so that they can Learn without Limits.
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In a rapidly changing, increasingly digital world; the one-size-fits-all teaching method no longer makes sense. Online schooling also needs to evolve beyond trying to imitate the physical classroom experience on a computer screen. Our society, universities and companies tell us that our children need a completely new set of skills to flourish in the modern world. Evolve Online School is designed to address this challenge.

We use the latest research in cognitive science, educational psychology, and education theory to redesign the learning experience of our students.

We place students within subjects according to their abilities, letting them progress faster where they are gifted and work at a more deliberate pace to master the content they struggle with.

Providing access to the IEB-aligned Caps curriculum as well as the Cambridge International curriculum, homeschooling families have options to choose from that will best suit their family.

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